Art creates endless possibilities

My first encounter with art was around the age of nine when I started drawing cartoon characters. Soon enough, I started to experiment. I began working with pencils, oils, acrylics, watercolours, clay sculpting, relief work, gold gilding. You name it.

It became clear from childhood that this is where my heart was.

I took a special interest in Indian Folk Arts, specifically Tanjore art. Creating artwork that represented my culture was like creating an extension of my identity. I cherished it. I don’t think I ever stopped feeling like a student. I continue to remain one as I learn more about certain folk arts of India, such as Madhubani and the Mural arts of Kerala. These art forms are over 2000 years old.

Most artworks are incomplete. Every time I look deep into my finished work, I find imperfections and sometimes there are too many. I have to fix them. I just can’t fix always and have to abandon few. Especially, when the next project accidentally lands in front of you

Black horse, watercolours, inspired By Marlene Lenthang photograph For and Associated Press. It reminds me of our Christmas holidays in 2019 and a narrow escape from raging bushfires in Victoria, Australia. 2019 bushfires have certainly taught many lessons and memories.

Another beautiful picture captured by an unknown photographer. Truly inspired by this photograph, picked up from some social media.

Why did someone steal childhood from her?